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13 Easy-To-Make Mezcal Cocktails For Winter 2020

Forbes is encouraging readers to stray from sipping mezcal neat in favor of experimenting with a cocktail, such as the Haitian Divorce, created by The Craft Spirits Cooperative’s spirits specialist Tom Richter.

“This drink is awesome in general: Every ingredient contains alcohol so it’s perfect for the world right now,” says Richter. Continuing, “when folks would ask for a smokey whiskey drink this is what I gave them—and there is no whiskey in it. This is far from a colorless flavorless cocktail.” One of the stars of the recipe is the inclusion of Pedro Ximénez Sherry, which he says “gives it an entire fourth dimension.”

“And I love the Steely Dan song of the same name that it’s named after. Same goes for the term ‘yacht rock.’ I developed it at an iconic bar where I was head bartender: The Beagle. (R.I.P.) And it is on menu at Dear Irving, where I was also head bartender.” See the full recipe and others in the story HERE