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Sparkling Wine – and the best bubbly for the 2020 holidays

Vindulge published a roundup of writer Mary Cressler’s favorite sparkling wines and champagnes tasted in 2020, including Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur and Rosé Majeur.

The robust piece provides readers with a robust, yet approachably presented overview of the various styles of sparkling wine and the regions from which they are produced.

The two Ayala wines are featured as two excellent value champagnes. In addition to outlining the blend breakdown, Cressler shares tasting notes for Brut Majeur including “apple, wild cherry, citrus, and honey, with a touch of toast mix together to create a lovely and elegant experience for the drinker.” Similarly, she describes Rosé Majeur as “a very pretty rosé with a mix of floral and fruity flavors (strawberries, raspberries, dark cherries), with elegance, freshness, and power on the palate. Loved it.”

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