Bubbles Rising

Wine & Spirits contributor Tyler Colman published an article that focuses on the serious issue that the Champagne industry is experiencing at the moment – due to high demand of product and lower yields from the harvest. Colman spoke with Champagne Bollinger 6th generation family member Cyril Delarue to learn more about how the winery has been impacted.

“Demand has been exceptional since the end of last year,” said Delarue. “Every cuvée at Bollinger and almost every format has been allocated since May this year, and this will be the case also next year.” Colman explained, “When a wine is allocated, it is a sign in the trade that demand exceeds supply; it’s a means to divide up what is available, rather than sell it on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Read the full story HERE to hear other winery anecdotes from producers across the region, and to learn more about the “perfect storm of conditions in the vineyard and in the market” that are affecting Champagne supply.