Champagne Ayala and Champagne Bollinger for the Holidays

The Tennessean and Food & Beverage Magazine both highlighted selections from Champagne Ayala and Champagne Bollinger to enjoy this holiday season.

Steve Prati’s syndicated column for the Tennessean recommends Ayala Brut Majeur as a lively, fresh blend and Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée as a classic option to seek out. The full story can be found HERE

Food & Beverage Magazine shares an easily digestible overview of both estates before delving into a selection of “exquisite” champagnes from Ayala and Bollinger to enjoy across a range of price points. Read the full story HERE and some highlights below:

  • Ayala Brut Majeur is described as “the epitome of a non-vintage brut from a great, historic House and is the finest ambassador for the House’s freshness and elegance. ” The write up speaks in greater detail about the blend and taste profile
  • Ayala Rosé Majeur has a low dosage, which enables “it to express the House style, both feminine and generous, with great elegance. The very high proportion of Chardonnay and the aging process result in a Champagne with remarkable finesse.”
  • The writer says there is an extraordinary level of care and attention that goes into every bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvée. The piece shares a history of this wine and how it got its name. It is described as “a combination of structure, length and vivacity gives way to bubbles like velvet, notes of pear and fresh walnut with brioche and spicy aromas.”
  • The house’s signature style, emphasizing Pinot Noir fruit, takes center stage in Bollinger Rosé NV: “red fruits join the wine’s conversation and dance vibrantly into a finish that has just a hint of perfectly ripe tannin and the deep complexity of the wine shines through transparently.” The piece includes important details about the small percentage of still red wine added to the blend as well.
  • There are great taste descriptors shared for Ayala Le Blanc de Blancs 2014. Additionally, the write up explains that it is “100% Chardonnay, produced in small quantities in exceptional years only and fully expresses the superb caliber of great Chardonnay from the best Crus of the Côte des Blancs.”
  • Bollinger R.D. 2007 is a “vibrant Champagne takes the pillars of what makes Champagne Bollinger so unique – mastery of time and rarity – and pushes the craft to its ultimate level. The 2007 vintage offers an extraordinary contrast of freshness and complexity from age.” The writer shares great anecdotes about the historical label and background of this wine as well.