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Ponzi Vineyards’ Next Chapter

Wine Business highlighted the future of Ponzi Vineyards in a dedicated feature story about it recent acquisition by the Bollinger family’s holding company, Societe Jacques Bollinger (SJB). The piece also speaks to the significance of this partnership, as it is SJB’s first major vineyard investment in the United States.

The head of the Bollinger family, Etienne Bizot, said “establishing a footprint in America allows the company greater access and insights into American consumers, and also signals its respect for American wines and terroir.” The emphasis and strength of the Pinot Noir grape was also a pivotal reason for selecting Ponzi Vineyards, but it is also about the story of Dick and Nancy Ponzi. “Bizot marvels at the pioneering power pair who planted Pinot Noir over fifty years ago in the Willamette Valley –  three young children in tow – sans vine growing, winemaking, or marketing skills. It was quite entrepreneurial.”

The piece continues by speaking to how Winemaker Luisa Ponzi will keep her family’s legacy alive, while continuing to push quality boundaries. She says, “what’s lovely is that they really respect the way that I’ve been making the wines. There’s no intention to change, stylistically, what’s happening. They would like a higher emphasis on lower volumes, higher quality – more of the upper tier, which is very fun for me.”

Ponzi Vineyards’ new CEO Jean-Baptiste (JB) Rivail adds that the Ponzi family helped create Oregon fine wine, “so I think that’s where there will be a very brilliant emulation between this Oregon family that’s been crafting wine for so long, and made a name for Oregon wine for themselves, and how we can help prepare this company for the new chapter, the future of where are we going.”

The piece delves into vineyard and technical updates and innovations in the pipeline as well. Read the full story HERE

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    Chehalem Mountain AVA, Willamette Valley, Oregon

    Dick and Nancy Ponzi helped put Oregon on the wine map, and the Ponzi family has worked continuously for over 50 years leading and innovating in the region and, in the case of Pinot Noir, across the country and indeed the world. Today winemaker Luisa Ponzi continues her work with the family of Champagne Bollinger, which acquired the estate in 2021.