Pierangelo Tommasi to Oversee “Le Famiglie Storiche”

“Le Famiglie Storiche” is a dynamic association composed of the leaders of thirteen historic producers of Amarone. Pierangelo Tommasi was elected as the President to serve a three year term. Of the election, outgoing President Alberto Zenato says

The choice of Pierangelo Tommasi represents a natural succession within the association, which envisages the alternation of the Families in the positions of President and Vice-President: this too reflects the fact that we are a united and cohesive group, each with our own style, but with the same philosophy of production in common

Pierangelo Tommasi – President of Le Famiglie Storiche

Pierangelo Tommasi is one of the nine members of the fourth generation of the Tommasi family, which today runs the Tommasi Family Estates.

Having finished his studies, Pierangelo immediately began working full time in the company, performing various roles, from warehouseman to coordinator of tours and tastings for foreign visitors to the winery, before taking charge of foreign markets. The experience he gained (not only as Export Director), but also the fact of being involved in different departments of the company, including new acquisitions and strategies for development, led to his becoming today Executive Director of the family’s  group.

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