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Robb Report Rates the Best in Wine

The Robb Report included Le Macchiole Messorio Merlot 2016 in its compilation of “Best Spanish, Complex Blend, White Burgundy, Italian and Red Burgundy”. As BEST Italian, the author says “If one single wine can revive Merlot’s distressingly poor reputation in the minds of wine drinkers, it may be Le Macchiole’s 2016 Messorio from Bolgheri, the home of Super Tuscans. While many of her neighbors blend varieties native to Bordeaux to produce their iconic wines, Le Macchiole proprietor Cinzia Merli focuses on single-varietal expressions in her top-tier bottlings. Made with only Merlot, Messorio, first produced in 1994, was one of the earliest mono-varietal wines in this coastal Tuscan region. Partial fermentation in cement allows for a fuller expression of fruit, while aging for 19 months in lightly toasted oak adds structure to the Merlot, which has naturally softer tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. The result is a wine that shows refinement and restraint, with flavors of black cherry and dark plum and notes of roasted fennel bulb that coalesce in a graceful, lingering finish.”

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