Finca Decero Wow’s Wine Authority Sarah Kemp in her Latest Podcast

Respected Wine Industry writer Sarah Kemp (author, founder of the Wine Conversation and freelance writer and contributor to The World of Fine Wine + Decanter) mentions Finca Decero Malbec, in her podcase episode titled “Top 5 Discoveries of 2022”.  She says “this Malbec from Decero is the future of fine wine in Argentina”. 

Sarah Kemp, Top 5 Discoveries of 2022. The Wine Conversation

“Well mine, might not seem a discovery but I could not, not mention it.  Again from my trip to Argentina, it is the 2018 Decero Malbec from Remolinos Vineyard.  Now why a Malbec, it is not a discovery but why I think this wine is important: Decero has been at the forefront of single vineyard Malbec and you can see that this refining of terroir, this refining of their understanding of the land, what it is doing to this great grape and its potential.  This was for me one of the stand out wines of my trip.  It was fabulous.  It had that wonderful vibrant red and black fruit, that seems to dance together on the palate, it had the spice, it had layers, it had movement, it as lyrical it was joyous and also you could see the potential for it ageing.  I had a tasting of some of the older wines and god they were ageing beautifully. So for me, this Malbec from Decero is the future of fine wine in Argentina.  So unusual discovery, no, but maybe just an important moment.  It certainly rocked my boat and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind and I think that is worth talking about.